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A new branch is starting in Sherborne on October 29th at 10:15 until noon.
If you wish to be part of this exciting new venture and need more information, go to the Choirs page and click on Sherborne.

Barn Dance
Our recent Barn Dance was another great success. We spent a great night dancing? to that wonderful ceilidh band, Arish Mel and raised 200 for our chosen charity for the night.

Camp Bestival
"Didn't we have a wonderful time, the day we went to Lulworth?"
We most certainly did. The 4 extra rehearsals were well worth while as the 20 of us who made up the group were word and note perfect (mostly). It was a tremendous experience for all of us and we had plenty of time between the three sets to explore the vast area that constitutes Camp Bestival. There was a lovely family atmosphere to the whole event and we did our part to enhance our audiences enjoyment. We sang all three sets at the rear of the castle and although it's never ideal to sing outside un-amplified, we found a perfectly acceptable acoustic arena. We had some very appreciative audiences and had them dancing for the last set.

Roll on next year as I'm sure we did well enough to get invited back.

Our busking day in glorious weather at Lulworth Cove went down very well with the passing public who were generous in their applause if not with their wallets but we still managed to raise nearly 106 for the Jurassic Coast Fund.

Our next busking on the following Tuesday opp. Marks & Sparks in Dorchester was nearly drowned out by the cement mixers and disk cutters working on the building next door but we raised 171 for the Asthma Society. This included a donation from one of the builders who came all the way down from the top of the building as he'd enjoyed Barbara Anne so much and a more touching contribution from a lady who paid us 20 to sing Nkosi Sikelele again. She was very moved by our performance and it turns out that she had been deeply involved in the anti-apartheid movement at it's height.