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Christmas songs

These are now coming online. Just click on the Xmas link above.

Notice Board  

All notices and news will be found on our facebook page

This site takes a lot of my time as I'm still setting it up. Consequently, in my haste to get it finished, quite a few errors creep by me.
My thanks go to all of you who report those mistakes but especially to Jan & Pippa of Wimborne who are eagle eyed in their error checking.

1. If you spot any errors or omissions on this site or have any suggestions for content, please let me know asap.

2. I need photos for the Gallery. Anything will do as I can sort them out at this end. If you can put a year and venue to them, so much the better.

3. I have put in a few words about each group but only Stoborough and Wimborne are from experience. All the rest are just space fillers at present. If you can think of something more interesting to say about your particular group please send it to me and I will update the page.

4. If you have any news concerning LV or your group, please send it to me and I will endeavour to publish it on the News page. In time I hope to be able to set up a Blog page and I'll definitely need some roving reporters for keeping that interesting.

If you can provide help with any of the above, please send it to me at (replace the AT with the @ sign) or send it via the 'Contacts' page.