This page will eventually hold all of our music scores, song sheets and sound files but it's going to take a while yet to get it up and running.
Meanwhile, I have a few tasks that you may be able to help me with:-

1. If you spot any errors or ommissions on this site or have any suggestions for content, please let me know asap

2. We have a Facebook page run by David Blakely at Stoborough. If you have any photographs of recent or even distant events, please pass them onto him for publication.

3. If you have any news concerning LV or your group, please send it to David also or Caroline Uwins at Sherborne.

I have put in a few words about each group but only Stoborough and Wimborne are from experience. All the rest are just space fillers at present. If you can think of something more interesting to say about your particular group please send it to me and I will update the page.

If you can provide help with any of the above, please send it to me at (replace the AT with the @ sign).